Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing

Local Liquor License approval is required and begins with the Town Clerk’s Office. For more information, or to get the necessary forms, email us.


Liquor Licensing Hearing Officer:   

  • Approves new liquor licenses
  • Conducts investigations and holds hearings as required by law for suspension or revocation of such licenses.

Hearings are held as needed.

Town Clerk’s Office approves, then send to State for approval:

  • Special events (approved locally only)
  • Renewals
  • Transfers
  • Manager Registrations and other changes
  • Summer patios/modifications
  • Tastings

Visit the Secretary of State website for all information regarding Liquor Licensing 


  • It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Any changes to your manager, ownership, premise or serving boundaries, etc. must be reported. Report of Changes.
  • Compliance checks and Inspections are performed by the Police department and the Colorado Department of Revenue.

(*Note: State fee for new licenses and transfers temporarily reduced, effective Jan.1, 2015 – See fee schedule)

Applications must be held for 30 days before they are heard by the Liquor Licensing Authority, per State law. This 30 days begins once an application is received and considered complete by the Town Clerk’s Office.

We try to accommodate applicants by scheduling a hearing as quickly as possible; but keep in mind the state’s processing time may take longer, and we must wait for its approval, prior to issuing a liquor license.

A public hearing notice must be published in the newspaper and posted at the business at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. (Transfers do not always require a public hearing.)

Before a hearing can be set, the applicant must submit:

    1.    Application – Include all required attachments (or 3.2 percent Beer License Application)

            Fill out if you are a sole proprietor or if you are a husband and wife partnership

    2.    Individual history report for a background check for each officer of the business 

    3.    Copies of:         

    4.    Fingerprints for each officer of the business

              Fingerprints can be completed by the police department on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
             Tell them it is for a liquor license, so they use our forms, then return with your application.

    5.    Diagram of Licensed Premise:

  •    8 1/2″ x 11″
  •    Dimensions
  •    Exits
  •    Kitchen area
  •    Liquor storage area
  •    Seating/Capacity
  •    All Levels if applicable
  •    Outdoor areas including fences, etc.
  •    OUTLINE entire area that is to be licensed in red or highlighter

    6.    Three checks Payable to: (See Fee Schedule)

  • Town of Castle Rock – application fee and license fee
  • Colorado Department of Revenue – application fee, license fee, $100 concurrent review fee, if desired*
  • Town of Castle Rock – fingerprint fee ($38.50 per person)

                        * Concurrent Review is when the application is sent to the State so they begin their process 
                        during the 30-day waiting period once it is determined to be complete by the Town Clerk’s Office

Prior to the Hearing, the Applicant:

                1. Must submit a petition and report for the district in which the business is located
                2. Should complete TIPS training for all servers

       These companies are frequently used for your information if you wish to use them:

Upon approval by the Liquor Licensing Authority and the Colorado Department of Revenue as well as confirmation of a Certificate of Occupancy and compliance, a license will be issued. 

RENEWALS (Submit at least 60 days prior to expiration)

If you need to renew your license, please use the Renewal Application Form the State mails to you 60 to 90 days before your license expires, or use the form linked below.

Must submit to the Town Clerk’s Office:

SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS (Submit at least 30 days prior to event) 

A Special Event Permit authorizes the sale or serving of alcohol beverages to the public.

Private events that are invitation-only on private property do not require a permit to serve alcohol.

You must obtain a permit if you are selling alcohol (or if there is an admission or ticket price that includes alcohol) or if the event is open to the public, whether you are selling the alcohol or giving it away.

There are two types of Special Event Permits:

    1.    Allows sale of malt, vinous, and spirituous liquor – $25 per day*
    2.    Allows only the sale of 3.2 percent beer – $10 per day *
          (* NOTE: The check is payable to the Town of Castle Rock, not the State)

Those who qualify for Special Event Permits may or may not currently have a liquor license and must be one of the following:

  • Organizations that are not for profit and have been incorporated pursuant to Colorado law for purposes of a social, fraternal, patriotic, political, or athletic nature
  • A regularly chartered branch, lodge or chapter of a national organization or society organized for such purposes, which is non-profit
  • An organization that is a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution
  • A political candidate who has filed the necessary reports with the Colorado Secretary of State
  • Municipality-owned arts facilities at which productions of an artistic or cultural nature are held
  • Organizations are limited to holding 15 events per year in the State of Colorado.

You  must submit:


The Town also approves all Tastings Permits locally. Retail liquor stores may conduct up to 104 tastings at their store per year with dates that run concurrently with their license with no more than four in one week, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Any changes must be provided to the Town Clerk at least 72 hours in advance. 

To read all regulations and limitations, see Chapter 2.17.110 in the Municipal Code:

Must submit:

  • Tastings Permit Application
  • $200 Fee payable to the Town of Castle Rock
  • Copies of TIPS training for all servers
  • Schedule of dates and times Tastings will be conducted


View the Town of Castle Rock’s current Fee Schedule 


All forms are found at the Department of Revenue website and can be filled in on the computer and printed out. View
Liquor License Forms


Department of Revenue Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division

  • Colorado Liquor Code
  • Colorado Beer Code
  • Special Events Permits (Town approves Locally)
  • Colorado Liquor Rules


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