Funding the Park

Funding the Park

Investing in our community
As the Town began planning for this new regional park, community input was key. Open houses and online surveys led to a master plan for Philip S. Miller Park. The Town knew that plan could be achieved in phases over many years.

It could take nearly $30 million in public and private funds to build the all of the amenities outlined in that plan. That’s why the Town is working to build the park in phases over the next decade or more.

Below is a breakdown of funding allocations for the park. The total includes design, preconstruction and construction costs.

Work at the park began immediately after a ground-breaking ceremony in May 2013. Crews worked on necessary infrastructure such as utility lines and roads, which are key foundational pieces of this project. They also began work on the new 60,000-square-foot fieldhouse, which will include a pool, play area, synthetic turf, trampoline zone and administrative offices to meet community needs.

During construction, engineers discovered unforeseen soil conditions that require a more extensive (and, therefore, more expensive) foundation. Another challenge is the recovering economy. While current economic conditions mean more jobs and more building, it also means increased costs as more and more projects get off the ground throughout the Denver Metro area.

With this construction climate, Town Council in September took a close look at options and decided the best choice was to move forward with the fieldhouse and athletic fields and save other elements, such as a mill house and adventure playground, for future phases.

Staff is also exploring grants and public-private partnerships to compliment funding from the Philip S. Miller Trust Fund.

The nearly 240 acres of the park was donated to the Town by Castle Rock Development Co, the developer of The Meadows.

2013 Budget
2014 Budget
2015 Budget

There were three First Quarter Budget Amendments for 2015. The ordinances represent the accommodations for the park amenities as approved.

Ordinance No. 2015-08
Ordinance No. 2015-10

Council-approved funding allocations

 2012 Impact Fees $2.1 million
 General Fund Transfer $4 million
 Douglas County Shareback/Open Space Tax $2.3 million
 Utilities Loan Transfer $875,000
 Philip S. Miller Trust Fund (2013 interest from endowment) $25,000
 Certificates of Participation $9 million
 Impact Fee Fund (2013 home construction) $2 million
Conservation Trust Fund $299,502
 Facilities Impact Fee Fund $500,000
 Water Fund $800,000
 Community Center Bridge Loan $1.2 million

Total: $22,339,81

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