Public Works Commission

Public Works Commission

The Public Works Commission makes recommendations to Town Council on the master planning of capital improvements. The commission develops policies concerning the Town’s infrastructure; various functions of Town programs and facilities; methodologies and procedures to be adopted; long-term public planning and strategies to implement and accomplish established long-term goals and service levels; as well as the planning of capital improvements to facilitate transit.

The commission also creates policies concerning public and private transit; examines alternative modes of transportation such as bicycling, walking and carpooling; proposes implementation strategies for increasing transit and alternative modes usage; and makes recommendations concerning the operations, management and master planning of capital improvements and Public Works regulations and their implications on the annual budget.


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • First Monday of the month
  • 4175 N. Castleton Court

Current agendas
for upcoming Public Works Commission meetings are posted five days prior to the meeting date. 

View current and archived Public Works Commission minutes. 
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  • Steven Peterson, Chair
  • Mike Riedmuller, Vice Chair
  • Rich Follmer
  • Kira James
  • Langford Jordan
  • Jacob Kuntz
  • William Lueng

Town Council liaison

  • Paul Donahue

Town liaisons

  • Bob Goebel

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