New flashing crosswalk coming to Meadows Boulevard near Low Meadow Boulevard

Safety is a top priority for the Town of Castle Rock. Sometimes, that means installing new traffic devices. Soon, a new device will help residents in The Meadows cross Meadows Boulevard.

They’re called Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, and they’re intended to reduce the risk of pedestrian-vehicle crashes at crosswalks. Residents in the Meadows will see one along Meadows Boulevard, east of Low Meadow Boulevard, starting next week.

The beacon is a crosswalk sign, with an additional flashing light. At the crosswalk, pedestrians will push a button, activating the rapidly flashing yellow light to alert drivers someone is at the crosswalk. New advanced warning signs and pavement marking will notify drivers ahead of the crosswalk.

It’s still important for pedestrians to be aware at crosswalks and ensure cars yield before crossing. Drivers should always pay extra attention at crosswalks and remember Colorado law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians.

The decision to install a beacon at this location is related to new and future amenities. The Taft House pool, built by The Meadows Neighborhood Company, is already open, and future trail connections will complement future residential development in the area. Coordinating with developers and Town departments helps ensure access to new amenities is as safe as possible.  

Throughout 2017, Castle Rock Public Works will be installing more of these rapidly flashing beacons at other crosswalks throughout Town. Watch for more information, or sign up for all Town news at

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