Give us your feedback! Draft Transportation Master Plan online for review.

As Castle Rock grows,  your local government knows transportation is top of mind. That’s why the Town has a draft plan for improving its transportation networks – including not just road infrastructure, but also bicycle routes, pedestrian links, and more.

You’re invited to view it and provide comments. Visit to access the draft plan and provide feedback using an online form.

As part of the Town’s overall planning efforts, the Transportation Master Plan specifically visualizes all aspects of transportation for the Town. As growth occurs – and the market demands change – plan updates are important. The plan was last updated in 2011, and a lot has changed.

Now, the Town is looking ahead two decades to 2040. In fall 2016, the Town gathered feedback regarding our transportation system. That feedback – along with research and analysis – resulted in a proposed list of roadway, pedestrian and bicycle projects, along with ideas for managing demand on the road for the next five, 10, or 20 years. The Town also gathered feedback on that list. The result is the draft plan now online at

In addition to some projects that were already planned, research completed during this process identified other needs, which were incorporated in to the plan. In sum, there are more than $246 million in transportation needs estimated over the next two decades, depending on the pace of economic growth in Castle Rock. That burden is shared by the Town, the Colorado Department of Transportation and area developers.

The plan is one of many the Town utilizes to anticipate the future. There are also strategic plans for water and parks and recreation as well as an overall Comprehensive Master Plan. In particular, transportation needs defined in the Transportation Master Plan are based upon commercial and residential building projections envisioned in the Comprehensive Master Plan.

It’s important to know this is a plan, which is based on projections, analysis and public feedback. The plan prioritizes the projects, but funding would have to follow. Timing would be determined by the actual pace of development.

Using your comments, the Town will update the draft plan, which will be presented to Town Council for adoption consideration in the fall. To keep up on the progress, sign up for updates at

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