Letter to the editor: Enough complaining

The community that has been sending in their editorials to complain about the new school board are demonstrating their immaturity, selfishness and how spiteful they are. They have complained almost weekly about the cost of a nationwide search for a new superintendent, shutting down the costly voucher system, and other issues. They also say that there is no way they will vote for an increase of taxes to help our schools in the future.

We will need a strong superintendent to help bring this divided community together, fix the budget mess that we are now due to the last board’s decisions, and to build back the trust with teachers. To find a qualified person to do all that will take great effort and will cost money. I didn’t see these same people complain about Dr. Fagen’s outrageous salary and bonuses. Where were they when the board, just last year, wanted to give $20,000 signing bonuses to some of the top-tier administers, yet settled on $10,000 instead? Why weren’t these same people complaining about the teachers’ pay freeze during that board’s tenure?

The ending of the costly voucher program is also a sore spot for this group. I bet that if the current board came up with the exact same plan they would finally see how ridiculous it is to take tax money away from our neighborhood schools to pay charter companies to manage charter schools or allowing that money to go to private schools that don’t have to play by the same rules as public schools.

Those sending in the editorials against the board don’t want to help the schools or the students, they just want to complain.

Neal Clark 

Highlands Ranch

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This post was originally published on this site

This post was originally published on this site
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