Letter to the editor: It’s time to use our brains

Never before in human history have humans needed to use their brain power as much as now. The problems of the world seem overwhelming, numbing and painful to think about, but think about we must. Humans have invented unbelievable machines and artificial intelligence. Surely we can use our brains to solve our problems. No other creature’s brain compares to the human brain.

I believe it is time for all humans in all communities to use their brains to explore the solutions to these problems. We need to have discussions everywhere as to who we are and what should we do to enhance the lives of everyone on our planet, not just the few. I believe it is time to ask what we can do for all human beings and not what others can do for you. Discuss our moral responsibilities.

People of the world are greatly divided on issues, and that’s why I believe vigorous discussions must be had to work out these differences. A world with nuclear swords is a scary world and adults need to make it less scary for the sake of innocent children.

Let us put aside our pride, our prejudice and our bullying and work together for solutions. I challenge every leader to bring people together for discussions and to get to know one another better for the good of all human kind. Religious, political and financial leaders can hold town meetings and forums for discussions.

Today we hear about corruption, misuse of power, scandals and sexual harassment. I believe it is time for decent, moral people to take up the cause and lead us toward a better world.

I believe it is time to think, discuss, debate and act.

Derald Hoffman

Castle Rock

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This post was originally published on this site

This post was originally published on this site
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