Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Query Central, your one-stop destination for answers to frequently asked questions. If you're doing early-stage research, or if you still have questions about our software and services, you'll probably find your answer here. But if you still don't learn what you need to know, feel free to contact us. We'll fill in the blanks right away.

Resources at Your Disposal

Remote Support will result in you receiving a solution to your technology problem faster
than if we were to come on-site, and at a reduced cost.

We prefer working with hardware brands such as Dell, Netgear, Samsung, Canon, HP
and Brother, among others.

Our typical client profile has between 10 and 50 users. The company does not have
in-house IT, and trusts us to advise them on and meet their ICT requirements.

For SLA clients, we commit to having an engineer on-site within 4 hours of a support call
being logged. In reality, however, we're usually a lot quicker than that.

Send an E-mail to or click on the round, blue “Support” button at the bottom of the page.

The basic operating system. Additional applications like PHP and MySQL are not
installed by default.

Yes, you get SSH or Windows RDP access.

Currently CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and Windows.

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Needing Support?

You can log a support ticket using our support portal, and we will get in touch.

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SSL Certificates FAQs

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology that was originally created by Netscape in the 1990s. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, and message forgery.

SSL helps prevent attackers or intrusive companies such as ISPs from tampering with the data sent between your websites and your users’ browsers. It is critical for protecting sensitive information such as a credit card numbers but it also protects your site from malware and prevents others from injecting advertisements into your resources.

No way! The SSL certificates we provide will accelerate your website load speed. When a user visits your website, their browser asks for proof of the validity of your certificate. It’s an automated process and ensures your website loads faster and visitors aren’t left hanging.

An SSL certificate may be issued within minutes of submitting your enrolment information if the information is correct and the authorized administrator responds promptly to the confirmation email. Standard and Extended Certificates both use an authentication process to verify domain control validation.

Once you have a confirmation that your Domain Name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes no longer than 72-hours before it is active. All internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations. This is called propagation.

It’s because the audit and validation process for the EV SSL certificate isn’t automated and the background checks are meticulous. It’s the price you pay for super-protection, but it’s worth it.

Cloud Backup FAQ

The 3-2-1 rule relating to backups is as follows:

  1. Keep at least three copies of your data.
  2. Keep the backed-up data on two different storage types, viz. attached disk as well as data centre / cloud.
  3. Keep at least one copy of the data offsite.

Not at all! All services run month-to-month.

Castlerock partner with Acronis Cloud to provide an Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution.

Backup as many devices as you’d like. We don’t limit the number of devices you can backup.

Yes, bandwidth usage can be limited for each backup plan.

For servers, it’s advisable to back up the entire server at least once per day. This ensures that you’ll always be able to restore either individual files located within the backup or, in the event of a total disaster, you can restore the entire server to the most recent backup.

For workstations, this is entirely dependent on your personal preference as well as the cloud storage plan you’ve purchased. If you’ve gone ahead with a large volume of data, you could just go ahead and protect the entire machine. Otherwise, if you want to configure backups in a granular fashion, select the files and folders that are most important to you.

‘Local’ refers to backups where the backup destination was specified as a disk attached to your physical computer or server OR to a location on your network. ‘Cloud’ storage refers to the storage you’re making use of in our data centre.

As soon as you’ve completed your order, your service will be active. It’s super quick!

We accept payment via Credit Card (MasterCard/VISA) or via Bank Transfer/EFT.

Simply adjust your plan. If you need assistance at any point, please just reach out to us.

Hosted Services FAQs

To host a website, you need a web hosting package. Web hosting can be thought of as “your home on the internet”.

For technical support, please log a service ticket, send an E-mail to or send us a message via the Live Chat window below.

Sure! Reach out to us either via the contact form or via the Live Chat window on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Yes, this is not a problem. Adjust the package from within the Control Panel area. If there are any challenges, our friendly support staff are standing by to assist.

We’re backing-up your data every 24 hours. If you accidentally remove some files or folders, please reach out to us and we’ll perform a restore for you.

No. You are paying for your own web space and you are in complete control of what you put on your website. If you want to put ads on your site you can – but it is your choice completely.

Yes - Absolutely. We would love to host your site regardless of who designed it.

You can pay monthly or for one year in advance. If you decide to pre-pay for the year in advance, we will give you one month for free!

You can pay via VISA or Mastercard. All transactions are secure – look out for the Padlock in the address bar above. It should always be visible – that’s how you know the information between your computer and our server is 100% secure.

Yes, your hosting comes packed with the world's number one control panel, cPanel. You can learn more about CPanel here.

Uptime is the amount of time that your website is available and online throughout the month. Thus, if your website has 100% uptime it means that your site was not down for any time throughout the month. If your site was down for a total of 45 minutes in the month then your uptime was approximately 99.9%.

Yes, you can. Your web hosting package has a stats program that will report, amongst other things, the number of hits, impressions and unique visitors. These stats use your log files to generate visitor information.

You can also use remote tracking solutions (such as or which entail adding some JavaScript to your site. This JavaScript is then used to track visitor data.

Yes, we offer a 100% Risk Free, 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, you can easily upgrade to one of our higher plans at any time.

Yes, your data is a 100% secure and is backed-up every night.

No, at the moment, we do not provide SSH access. However, most of the tasks can be easily achieved using your Hosting Control Panel – cPanel. If you have any specific or custom requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Very simply, WordPress is a piece of software for developing websites. This being said, however, it should be noted that WordPress is the most powerful and most popular tool for the creation and management of websites on the internet today.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a form of hosting that has been specifically designed and optimized to run and support WordPress websites.

With our Managed WordPress hosting offering, you can be assured that your WordPress site will be kept secure, updated and protected always, all whilst ensuring maximum uptime is achieved.

No, if you use our 1-click WordPress installer, all you’ll have to do is enter a desired username. All of the back-end database creation and configuration tasks will be completed automatically.

Absolutely! You have two options here. You can use the built-in migration software that will be included within your account OR you can reach out to us and we’ll migrate your site from source for free!

After you’ve signed-up, you’ll be logged-in to the client portal. Follow the prompts to your WordPress installation and note the features available in this area. If at any time you require assistance, please reach out to us and we will gladly support you.

Castlerock have two options on offer for Managed WordPress Hosting. They’re Personal and Professional. The personal option is for the hobbyist or small business website. Perhaps you’re a start-up or you’re just embarking on a new project. Either way, this is the perfect place to start. The Professional plan builds onto the basic core features of the Personal Plan, but it has many extras including a larger ratio of resources being allocated as well as additional security features.