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Many email threats today use advanced tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways. With millions of corporate users, Microsoft 365 has become the number 1 target for cyberattacks. You need to stay ahead with a dedicated email security solution that seamlessly integrates with additional Microsoft security tools to protect your business and data.

Avanan Email Protection provides comprehensive protection against the most sophisticated threat types, before
they reach the inbox.


Prevent Threats

A superior catch rate reduces 99.2% of phishing attacks to the inbox.


Detect & Anticipate

Detect and respond to malicious attacks in real time.


Seamless Integration

Receive award winning support for a solution that’s easy to deploy, manage and use.


Secure & Ensure Data

Compliance is a key requirement. Retain, retrieve and secure all email communications.

Powerful Predictive AI Technology

The latest in artificial intelligence is being used to identify phishing attacks with pinpoint accuracy that matches the best analysts. Using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and image recognition means that threats never reach your doorstep.

How the Castlerock and Avanan partnership tightens
your email security.


Specialised anti-phishing tools

With a high-tech algorithm to target more sophisticated phishing threats


Malware blocker and antivirus tools

That consistently scan your cloud applications to prevent malicious files from penetrating into your Microsoft 365 email vector


Automated sharing and encryption

That make sure compliance regulations are met while ensuring top cloud functionality


Tightens up security against cyber threats

That gateways like Zix SecureGateway and ATP don’t detect


Inline protection

Stops sensitive data leaving and provides click-time protection by wrapping URLs and inspecting links and attachments for malware.

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