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Host your business-critical or proprietary applications in a local, secure, high-speed private cloud. Castlerock provides the perfect blend of local private cloud services, including applicable resources, with a fully managed service offering. This means that you don’t need technical knowledge or a firm grasp of hosting environments to execute your project. We bridge the gap for you, acting as the single point of contact for developers or business owners.

Easy migration

Minimise the changes required to migrate your apps

Managed or Self-Service

Choose the level of control that suits you best

Flexible consumption models

Only buy what you need

Say goodbye to the
“office server”

Modernise infrastructure for better security, control and power

Consumption models

Enjoy total flexibility


Only pay for what you use with this on-demand model. No upfront resource allocation or costs – ideal for variable workloads like dev / test.

Allocation Pools

Predictable pricing that guarantees resources with the option to burst so workloads can start if resources are low. A good fit for databases and other workloads that need guaranteed resources.

Reservation Pools

Guarantee 100% of reserved capacity for your mission-critical applications. Dedicated resources and deliberate underutilisation for maximum performance.

How does private cloud hosting differ
from public cloud hosting?

Predictable pricing

Public cloud costs are erratic. Private cloud costs are fixed and predictable.


Private cloud environments provide dedicated resources. Public cloud environments do not.


Public cloud environments are complex to manage. There’s often a steep learning curve and a DevOps engineer is needed to manage, orchestrate and support resources within a public cloud environment.

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