Stop cyber-criminals from sending email using your domain and protect your customers, suppliers and employees from attacks.

Secure your inbox with Sendmarc: Where authenticity meets simplicity

As businesses increasingly rely on email communications, the risks associated with email fraud and abuse have become more prevalent than ever. That’s where Sendmarc comes in. Their advanced email protection and authentication solutions help businesses of all sizes protect themselves from the devastating effects of email fraud.

Email that is trusted by entire stakeholder community

Improved email deliverability

Visibility into where email comes from

Global and company-wide compliance

Strengthen brand trust and brand recognition

Protection for the entire email Ecosystem

Guaranteed for every customer

Provided as a service with zero infrastructure costs

Eliminate email fakery and earn trust with your brand

Email is one of the most critical communication channels for businesses, but it is also one of the most vulnerable.

Phishing Attacks


Domain hijacking

These are just some of attacks that can cause significant financial and reputational damage to businesses, as well as harm your customers and partners.

Prevent a single click from jeopardizing your entire organization

Improves email deliverability rates by using email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Protects against email fraud, including phishing scams, spoofing, and impersonation attacks.

Improve sender reputation, making your emails more likely to be trusted and less likely to be marked as spam.

Provides detailed reporting and analysis tools to help businesses monitor their email traffic and identify potential threats.

Why choose Castlerock?

Partner with Castlerock and Sendmarc today to safeguard your business from email fraud and ensure your emails are delivered to your customers’ inboxes. As a trusted partner of Sendmarc, Castlerock can help you implement the latest email authentication protocols and protect against phishing, spoofing, impersonation, and domain hijacking attacks. Contact us now to learn more and get started