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Benefits of Firewall

At Castlerock we offer advanced security options - this solution consists of firewall operation, administration, monitoring and maintenance. Firewalls are a fundamental requirement when operating in a corporate environment or running a business, as they provide the protection of sensitive information and network traffic.

Advantages to Meraki Advanced Security

With this license, you're getting an all-around package of security features that can protect your network from nearly any electronic attack.

Features added by the Advanced Security License include:

Intrusion Detection / Prevention:
This is one of the big ones. With the ASL, your Meraki network will becontinually watching for attempts at intrusion from unauthorized sources, and blocking them automatically (with alerts) whenever they're spotted.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing:
Cisco has an entire team devoted to monitoring millions of devices, compilingdatabases of software-based intrusion methods seen by all their connected users. These are integrated into their MX-series firewalls, giving them truly robust protections against malware.

Content and Web-Search Filtering:
Prevention being the best medicine, the ASL allows custom black/white-lists to prevent questionable websites to be accessed at all by users within the network. (Or over VPN.)


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